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Varför ska man välja stengods?

Why should you choose stoneware?

In addition to the fact that stoneware products are very beautiful, stoneware has a number of properties that make you rather pay a little more and get more quality and longevity.

Stoneware is stronger than, for example, earthenware and more rustic than porcelain. Stoneware is tight, does not absorb water and kitchen products such as bowls, plates and mugs can be washed in the dishwasher. The products we sell that are made of stoneware are made by hand by really talented craftsmen in Tunisia and the demand for quality is high.

Stoneware is a ceramic term and refers to both the material and objects made from stoneware clay. As the firing temperature of stoneware is high, it can withstand a lot, is not porous and, above all, it can withstand water.

Many people wonder what the difference is between stoneware and porcelain and find it difficult to choose tableware between these two wonderful materials. Both stoneware and porcelain are fired at high heat, and it is precisely the high heat treatment that makes the material so durable and dense, and it takes a lot before, for example, a plate made of these materials breaks.

Porcelain is made of kaolin clay, which comes mainly from China, and crockery made from porcelain can be perceived as more elegant than crockery made from stoneware, which is often referred to as rustic. There are really no huge differences between stoneware and porcelain except that stoneware is usually ovenproof. If you put porcelain in the oven, it will crack.

Hope this information helps you find the right tableware for your home. You will find our range of stoneware here and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You email and we usually respond within an hour.

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