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6 anledningar till att välja handdukar och badlakan i linne till badrummet

6 reasons to choose linen towels and bath towels for the bathroom

There are several reasons for choosing linen bath towels and towels.
The biggest reason is probably that you yourself want to do something good for the environment and nature, but there are other good reasons to invest in buying linen bath towels and towels .

waffled dark gray linen towel set

Pictured: 3-set waffled linen towel and bath towel .

Linen is a natural material that transports moisture away from the skin, has cooling properties and is antibacterial. This means you stay healthier longer by choosing a tank top. Because the linen is naturally antibacterial, you avoid the bad smell that can arise from bath textiles. Furthermore, our linen textiles are completely organic and free of chemicals and other toxins.

Investing in linen is good from different aspects. On the one hand, linen lasts for several generations, and on the other hand, it is an investment in our environment and nature.

Here are 6 more reasons to choose linen swimwear:

    1. Linen dries quickly.
    2. Linen is airy, which creates a wonderful feeling of luxury.
    3. Linen is naturally anti-bacterial.
    4. Our linen textiles are organic, free from chemicals and toxins.
    5. Linen is very durable and can be used for several generations.
    6. Linen is very absorbent.

With us at Joi Living , you will find white plain woven linen towel , beige plain woven linen towel , waffled linen towels and bath towels in the colors white, light grey, dark gray and powder.

Plain woven linen towel set

Pictured: 3-pack plain woven towel set in linen .

Do you want to buy linen bathing textiles as a gift but are not sure which color suits you best?
Feel free to shop for our Gift Cards , which are excellent to give away as a present or present.

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