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For us, sustainability is a matter of course and we want to make it easy for you to choose good products that are good for the environment and people. Ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable production is one of our cornerstones at Joi, and our carefully selected partners and craftsmen are just as keen to protect the environment as we are.


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Matcha ger 7 kraftfulla och bevisade hälsofördelar

Matcha är en finkornig grön te-pulver som kommer från Japan. Det är gjort av speciella tebuskar som växer i skugga o...

6 reasons to choose linen towels and bath towels for the bathroom

There are several reasons for choosing linen bath towels and towels. The biggest reason is probably that you yourself want to do something good for the environment and nature, but there are other good reasons to invest in buying bath towels and linen towels .

Why should you choose stoneware?

In addition to the fact that stoneware products are very beautiful, stoneware has a number of properties that make y...

Ten benefits of the hammam towel

Did you know that there are at least ten advantages to using a hammam towel instead of terry cloth? In addition to th...
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