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Ta 3, betala för 2. Gäller hamam handdukar. SE KOLLEKTIONEN >>

För miljön

Våra hamam handdukar är vävda med kärlek och respekt för naturen. Alltid.

För människan

Gifter och kemikalier kommer inte i närheten av våra produkter. Never ever.


Nu skryter vi lite men våra hamam handdukar är så bra & vackra att om du inte gillar ditt köp kan du returnera utan kostnad.

Vad våra kunder tycker

Simplify Everyday Life

Joi Living is born from one idea - simplify everday life. 

We believe in conscious living and consuming, and therefore we´ve created a space where you can find high-quality yet affordable hammam towels designed to elevate your everyday life.  Our respect for craftmanship, traditions, culture and most of all, our environment is the core of our business and we believe that even the smallest steps towards concious shopping can make a great impact. 





Matcha Tea Facial Mask

En av de senaste trenderna inom skönhetsvärlden är att använda naturliga ingredienser för att ta hand om huden. En i...

Matcha provides 7 powerful and proven health benefits

Matcha is a fine-grained green tea powder that comes from Japan. It is made from special tea bushes that grow in the...

6 reasons to choose linen towels and bath towels for the bathroom

There are several reasons for choosing linen bath towels and towels. The biggest reason is probably that you yourself want to do something good for the environment and nature, but there are other good reasons to invest in buying bath towels and linen towels .

Why should you choose stoneware?

In addition to the fact that stoneware products are very beautiful, stoneware has a number of properties that make y...
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