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Travel essentials to sun-drenched destinations

Travel essentials to sun-drenched destinations

Travel Essentials

After Vogue and sunscreen, Peshtemal Turkish hammam towels are on the top of many people's holiday travel essential list.
There's no feeling like embodying the freedom of days spent by the seaside, inhaling the salty ocean breeze and feeling the warm and mild Mediterranean water embracing the body. Well, there is one other.

Made of pure, highest quality cotton and bamboo in shapes and colors that reflect the traditional and modern Turkish hammam heritage, Turkish hammam towels are super soft, absorbent and quick to dry. Their lightweight and compact size make them perfect travel companions. Did I mention that they are 100% sand-resistant? You don´t end up coming home with your beach bag full of sand, how good is that!

Check out all our Turkish hammam towels, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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