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Six different ways to use a Peshtemal Turkish hammam towel

Six different ways to use a Peshtemal Turkish hammam towel

Besides being wonderfully soft, stylish, and versatile, Turkish hammam towels have gone from being just towels too so much more!

So, what exactly is a Peshtemal and how can you use it?

A Peshtemal, also known as Fouta, is a Turkish towel made from Turkish cotton (ours from the Aegean region) which is a premium cotton that has extra long fibers - meaning fewer joins when spinning the yarn.

Cotton with extra long fiber and fewer joins gives stronger and smoother cotton threads. The cotton is lightweight, compact, highly absorbent and quick drying just to mention some of the benefits. Its versatility makes it a great product for home and travel.

Peshtemal hammam towel

Here , I use Voyager hamam towel as a warm and cozy scarf.

Having the perfect balance between absorbency and quick-dry, Turkish cotton is the best choice between ordinary terry towels or other more commonly known cotton such as Egyptian cotton (that can have too much absorbency), Peshtemal dries fast and is lightweight.

Peshtemal beach towel

The perfect beach companion, Ethnic Turkish hammam towel

A Turkish hammam towel is, without doubt, an all-purpose item, and you can use it anytime, anywhere! Here is just some flavor of how we suggest you use your towel: beach towel, bath towel, scarf, picnic blanket, sofa throw, tablecloth, chair cover, hair wrap, sarong, plane blanket etc.

Examples of more usage areas

Peshtemal hammam towel

Bedouin Peshtemal as a decorative rug

Peshtemal hammam towel and scarf Classic hamam towel as a warm and cozy blanket.

turkish hammam towel
Linea Peshtemal as a sarong

plague theme

Kilim as a stylish bed cover

Hope this post has answered some of your questions about Peshtemal, please email us if you wonder about the fabric, delivery, shipping or more!
Love & Cheers Merih & Volkan

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