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Talk about a good investment

Talk about a good investment

One product, at least six different uses. Discover the hamam towel, Peshtemal, which has taken the Western world by storm with its beautiful design, unique absorbency and its many uses.

All our hammam towels can be used as a beach towel. The sand does not stick, they are large (approx. 160 x 90 cm), they dry quickly, take up little space in the bag and are so beautiful! Feel free to match your beach outfit with one of our beautifully designed hammam towels for a complete beach look 🐚

turkish hammam towel
Pictured:Tan hammam towel in the color teal

turkish hammam towel
Pictured: Ethnic hammam towel (a customer favorite!)

turkish hammam towels
Pictured: Kilim hammam towel

Hamam towels have very good absorbency and dry very quickly. A simple measurement showed that they dry 5x faster than terry towels. During production, less cotton is used, which is very good for mijo. Because they take up very little space, many supplement with a hammam towel. Plus, they are actually much nicer than terrycloth.

turkish hammam towel
Pictured: Sahra hammam towel

At our home, hammam towels are used as baby blankets, blankets and blankets. A favorite that everyone likes is the Kilim. It is lighter on one side which makes it unique and even more beautiful.

turkish hammam towel
Pictured: Kilim hamam towel in the color black

turkish hammam towel
On picture: Kilim hamam towel in the color blue

Imagine not having to pay a lot when you go to the beach. I usually wear a bathing suit and my Linea hammam towel when I go to the beach. I wrap the hamam towel around like a sarong and also use it as a beach towel.. A novelty is Lotus, which is available as a hamam towel and beach dress. Absolutely gorgeously beautiful! Weighs approx. 150 grams and hardly takes up any space despite its 160x90 cm.

turkish hammam towel Pictured: Lotus hammam towel

beach dress
Pictured: Lotus beach dress

Who knew you could use a hammam towel as a rug? Well, the picture speaks for itself, doesn't it 😍 In the picture we see the Bedouin hammam towel which is wonderfully beautiful and is available in the colors Pottery Clay and Saffron.

turkish hammam towel

How do you use your hammam towel? Feel free to share on Instagram by tagging your picture with #urbanjoilife ❤️ If you have questions or concerns, you can email

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