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Sustainability and Black Friday is like oil and water

Sustainability and Black Friday are like oil and water

Dear friends, customers and fans,
We are not running any crazy discount on Black Friday. We never do and here is why.

We're in business because we want people to choose carefully and shop consciously. More or less, in everything we do, we inform, motivate and inspire people to live more sustainably.

Since our start, Urban Joi has never been a part of Black Friday even though it's the most important weekend of the year for many businesses in terms of sales. But for us, our vision of a better world for our children, our nature, our animals, Black Friday doesn't go in line with core vision.

Turkish hammam towel peshtemal

We are here for one thing only - to inspire you to live a sustainable everyday life. To buy items that are good for our environment and that you can use in several ways. We want to inspire you to invest in the future. We are here to offer you a premium product, Peshtemal, that makes your life easier and more inspiring, and that lasts over time - both in terms of style, quality and durability.

We work hard to implement transparency and 360 degrees of sustainability in our business: our products, our beliefs, our artisans, and you, our customers. We all create a chain of sustainability that is unbreakable, good for our environment and an investment in our future. And Black Friday is the opposite of all that.

We're still a young company with barely 2 years in business, but we've managed to inspire so many people to shop consciously. We've made it this far by not shifting our beliefs and by having a clear vision and implementing it in everything we do and in our product, our partners and in you, our customers.

So we'll just continue what we do best - weave really good, versatile towels made to last a lifetime and that is good for this and next generation!
All the best,
Merih & Volkan

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