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Why A Pestemal

Why A Pestemal

For us, it's an honor to offer hand-loomed Turkish hammam towels made by Turkish artisans dedicated to tradition and quality. All our towels are a celebration of middle eastern colors and patterns, and we aim to take you on a journey and inspire many wanderings.


Being wonderfully versatile, Turkish hammam towels , also called Pestemal are not just average towels. Although they are just as absorptive as terrycloth towels, Pestemal is flat-woven, and this feature makes them lightweight, compact, quick dry and highly absorbent. Many of our customers are using their Pestemal as a sarong, throw and even tablecloth.

The towels are also called peshtemal, Fouta or hammam towel and they're typically large, flat and velvety soft. The tightly woven fabric is strong and durable, and features a stylish handcrafted fringe that makes them chic as well as practical.

Peshtemal hammam towel


All our Turkish hammam towels are made with high quality Turkish cotton and thread which is known worldwide for its exceptional qualities - the towel is not too soft or plushy nor will it absorb too much water. that soaks water as good as a terry towel.

Due to the quality of the cotton, a Turkish hammam towel is fast drying and pushes water off your skin instead of soaking it in. Ordinary terry towel locks in moisture that grows mold and bacteria (let's not even bring up the smell!). Because of the quality of the cotton and their special weave which does not allow water to cling to it, a Pestemal dries fast and will not lock in moisture, grow nasty bacteria or smell.

A Turkish hammam towel is handwoven in looms in a way that makes it light and easy to pack, and they weigh around 150-350 grams.


You can use hammam towel in many ways - as a bath towel, beach blanket, sarong, throw, tablecloth, and curtain (yes, also as a curtain).

Pestemal hamam towel

Love & Cheers

Merih & Volkan

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