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Styla ditt hem med plädar -5 enkla budgettips

Style your home with plaids - 5 simple budget tips

Textiles can really make a big difference to the atmosphere and style of the home. Decorating with textiles is simple, durable and relatively cheap. With new textiles, you raise and change the style and feel of a room in an instant. Textiles can be recycled in many ways and you can easily turn some worn plaids into a cozy and personal patchwork blanket or cushion cover. Feel free to use throws and blankets in natural materials as it is better for the environment and people. Feel free to mix and match patterns, colors and materials for an optimal feel.
Below I have listed 5 simple budget variations on how you can style your home with a plaid.

1. Lift the white with natural color

White is always nice and trendy. Feel free to lift the white with a plaid in a natural color.
How to style your home with a plaid

2. Add color to your wooden details

Love wood and decorating wooden chairs with a plaid in a nice denim color woven in a beautiful herringbone pattern creates a timeless look in the room.

Furnished with plaids in natural materials

3. Mix & match patterns and materials

We often advocate minimalism but sometimes we want to create visual interest and then pattern bonanza is an excellent way to do it. However, creating contrasts with patterns can be a challenge and to make it easy for you, we've put together a kit of three plaids that are great to combine or use separately.

tips on how to mix and match plaids with different patterns

4. Less is more

Our fourth tip is the "less is more" concept. If you want to have as little decoration as possible, it is smart to decorate with a plaid in wrinkled material that creates that little extra for the decoration.

wrinkled plaid in natural material

5. Decorate with a beautiful gray plaid

Despite the fact that white is and will always be a classic and timeless color in the home, gray is now just as popular. The colour, which was previously considered rather dull, has been discovered by more and more people, and many invest in gray details in the home to give it a stylish lift. Gray can create calm and add a pleasant atmosphere to the room and is beautiful to use as a single color or against a lovely pink "dusty" tone.

gray plaid with pattern

In the picture, we have styled our Kilim hamam towel as a plaid. It is very soft and has a beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired design. One side of the towel has a lighter background against the pattern. The towel is decorated with beautiful eyelash edges.

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