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Dags att planera vardagen?

Time to plan everyday life?

If you had to describe me in two words, it would be coffee and calendar. There's something about these two that makes me weak and you can't get enough of either one or the other.

As a mother of three, wife, sister and friend, I constantly have a schedule full of activities. From the moment I wake up until I dive into bed at night, I'm on the go. Job, children, home, husband. Job, children, home, husband. Sometimes I feel like a hamster spinning and spinning and getting nowhere haha!

Although it's tough running a business and building a brand while being a housekeeper at home, it's a lot of fun. It's a trip we do together, the whole family. And I don't care if my sons forget to pick up their plates (they think the plates have feet and can go to the counter by themselves), or if the husband throws his clothes into the dresser drawer, unfolded. Such are pettiness.

Thanks to letting go of things that are unimportant, I can put energy into the right things. My husband and I exercise together every day so we can be energetic and happy parents, the children are doing well and slowly but surely learning to pick up after themselves and our daughter who is 9 months old is the ray of sunshine in the family who has discovered facet position, become a connoiseure in tasting as everything goes into the little mouth and our company Urban Joi grows at exactly the rate we want it to grow. At the same time, I consult other e-retailers.

One thing I get asked all the time from other moms is "how do you manage??" and "you seem so calm!". The answer is simple - I plan. I literally plan everything down to the last detail and don't like things to be rushed. Time is important and you can be a maximum of 5 minutes late, otherwise I want to cancel. Without planning, I am completely lost and accomplish nothing during the day, but everything goes together and nothing gets done properly.

The key to my successful and happy days are my calendars and as I love all things planning and calendaring I have a few different ones. Now I thought I'd be nice and share a calendar that has worked well for me and that helps me in everyday life. It is free to download and you can print it easily at home. So print out the calendar and start planning your way to a happier and stress-free everyday life.

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