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LoL hammam bath towels

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  • Thinly woven hammam towel - weighs approx. 150 grams
  • Also works great as a sarong
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Size: 165 x 95 cm
  • Washing instructions: 40-60 degrees


Finely woven hammam towel that is highly absorbent and dries quickly between swims. It has nice fringes on the short sides and takes up very little space in the bag. Rolled up, it is the same size as a normal-sized water bottle. As LoL is a thinly woven hammam towel, it is also excellent for tying around as a sarong. Thinly woven hammam towels, unlike our double woven ones, are very light and only weigh half as much, 150 grams. A finely woven hammam towel is perfect for, for example, the gym, the trip as it takes up very little space in the bag and dries quickly.  


All our hammam towels are woven by artisans in Turkey where the weaving technique has been passed down from generation to generation. The weavers we work with are located in the beautiful Aegean area of ​​western Turkey and handicrafts are a large part of the area's economy. The weaving mills are owned and run by families where the wife works to weave and tie the hammam towels. In addition to the beautiful design and the fantastic, practical properties, hammam towels are popular for their "tassels". We work for and to produce sustainable hammam towels and constantly strive to become an environmentally friendly company. We have a close collaboration with our weaving mills and support sustainable growth to one hundred percent.

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