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More about Peshtemal

Peshtemal [Pesh-te-mal] is a Turkish hammam towel woven from the finest cotton or bamboo in the traditional way in a small village in Turkey. The towel has been used for over 600 years according to tradition from Anatolia and today they have many uses such as plaid, blanket, scarf and baby blanket. A Peshtemal weighs between 150-300 g, absorbs moisture really well and dries quickly.
Peshtemal as a cozy and generous scarf is perfect now in autumn and the latest color trends are woven into each other and reflected in the beautiful, traditional and trendy goose eye and oriental rose pattern.

If you want to consume sustainably and think about the environment and nature, a Peshtemal is a good choice - they last for several years and are woven and dyed in the traditional way. The light fabric makes it perfect to keep in your gym bag or on the go. The sand does not stick to it and it becomes clean at 30 degrees.

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