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Tio fördelar med hamam handduk

Ten benefits of the hammam towel

Did you know that there are at least ten advantages to using a hammam towel instead of terry cloth? In addition to the fact that hamam towels require less cotton during production, hamam towels have several, very practical, advantages.

1. They weigh little, which makes them ideal to take with you on holiday in the sun.

2. Hamam towels dry at least 5 times faster than terry towels.

3. They can be advantageously used as a blanket and blanket.

5. They are incredibly absorbent.

6. They are beautiful and perfect as gifts.

7. Hamam towels are great to tie around like a sarong.

8. Hamam towels get clean at 40 degrees.

9. They have a history that stretches back about 600 years - in other words, a really nice product.

10. Our hammam towels are woven from OEKO-TEX certified cotton, which makes them a better option.

Many people wonder what a hammam towel really is and how they differ from regular terry towels. The differences are many and they are two completely different products. Firstly, a hammam towel has no loop and this is because it is thinly woven. A loop puts stress on the fabric and where the loop sits, there can be a large hole. I use clamps of various kinds instead of loop and it is both beautiful and practical.

A hammam towel is usually large, about 160*90 cm and weighs much less than a terry towel. Our thinnest hammam towels, Linea and Cabana are super thin and are also perfect to use as a sarong on the beach. Hamam towels are plain woven, which means that the sand (or grass if you are on a picnic out in the green) does not stick to it. This is a great advantage for those who want to bring home a lot of sand... The word hammam towel describes the towel well - they have been used in hammam baths for hundreds of years precisely because they are easy to tie around like a sarong, dry quickly and absorb moisture very good. The actual word for hammam towel is Peshtemal (Turkey) or Fouta (Morocco).

Another big difference is that hammam towels are woven according to an old tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. The towel is plain woven and with us you can find both plain and multi-coloured in lovely, Mediterranean-inspired patterns. In addition to being beautiful to look at, hammam towels are very practical as they can be used as a throw, baby blanket, bath towel, yoga towel, sarong and more.

Check out all our beautiful hammam towels in the shop and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


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