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Travel Guide 2018

The 10 best places to travel in February

Give me some sun, please

Did you know that the shortest month of the year is perfect for planning a genuinely sun-drenched retreat? Don´t know about you, but with the holiday rush and stress behind, and summer still a long way off, I could use a vacation to the seaside.

Our mission is to simplify traveling to sun-drenched destinations, so I have curated an exclusive list for travelers who seek ocean breeze, naps under palms, and coconut drinks. If you wish to share your dream-beach-ocean destination, please share your Pinterest related email with, and you´ll have an invitation within 24 hours in your inbox to our new group board Travel Ideas To Sun-drenched Destination.

So here we go, make sure to bookmark this article and have easy access to inspiring travel destinations.

#1 Scala dei Turchi, Italy

Travel ideas for 2018

#2 Ubud, Indonesia

Travel ideas for 2018

#3 Mykonos, Greece

Travel ideas for 2018

#4 McWay Falls, Big Sur, United States
Travel ideas for 2018

#5 Illa Roja, Spain
Travel ideas for 2018

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#6 New Caledonia (Isle of Pines)
Travel ideas for 2018

#7 Kudahuvadhoo, Maldives

Travel ideas for 2018

#8 Cayman Islands
Travel ideas for 2018

#9 Bondi Beach, Australia

Travel ideas for 2018

#10 Santorini, Greece
Travel ideas for 2018

That's all for now people! Make sure to follow our Instagram for tons of sun-drenched inspiration, love & Cheers Merih

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