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12 ways to use a hammam towel

Did you know that you can use your hammam towel in 12 different ways?

Before we get into the how, I thought I'd start by telling you about the history of the beautiful and practical hammam towels . When Turkish hammam baths became popular some 600 years ago, a towel was needed that dried quickly, was highly absorbent and weighed little when it got wet because wet becomes the towel in a Turkish bath.

They started brainstorming ideas and soon the hammam towel was born. Back then it had a colorful but simple design. If you wanted to know what social class someone belonged to, you could always spy on their hammam towel, which gave a hint of status.

Hammam towel Lovely 160x90 cm
Pictured: Lovely hammam towel

With us, you won't find hammam towels with an original design, but we have a fine assortment of unique, beautifully designed towels for all occasions. Our hammam towels are woven by artisans who run small weaving mills and where the weaving techniques and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation. If you love the feeling of the Mediterranean's lapping sea, warm, beautiful beach, you will love our hammam towels, which are a perfect companion when you want to spend time on the beach.

What is the difference between a terry towel and a hammam towel?

A big difference between terry and hammam towels is that terry has a lot of small loops, while the hammam towel is plain woven. Hence, the amount of material used is significantly less for a hammam towel, so it is a better choice for the environment. Hammam towels dry much faster than terrycloth, but they are at least as highly absorbent.

12 different ways to use hammam towels

Here comes the list of different uses for hammam towels:

  1. Bath towels
  2. Beach towel
  3. Yoga towel
  4. Sarong
  5. Soft baby blanket
  6. Guest towel
  7. Lovely summer gift
  8. Scarves
  9. Table cloth
  10. Summer curtain
  11. Curtain
  12. Carpet

We have heard several times from our customers that once you start using a hammam towel, it is difficult to go back to terry cloth, but we think these two different textiles complement each other nicely. As I said, there are many reasons to invest in a beautiful hammam towel as it is a really smart product that you can use in many different ways.

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